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In our land of religious, Arts, Music and Cultural Hereditary, Statues, Idols, Sculptures and decorative carvings have captures the hearts of generations of diversified class of people. Hence there are countless temples, mosques, stone carvings where people get inspirations at the very look of these.

We, Gubbi's are also reflecting these feelings and set up a fabrication cell to cater to the needs of likings of our cross-section of societies and offer various range of idols, sculptures, decorative pieces etc. The models, styles are very vast and few among these are here below for selection. GUBBI's are also ready to accept the orders from valued clientele and offer fabrication of these as per their needs, likings and expectations. GUBBI's also innovative, create designs, fabricate and offer readily available idols, decorative piecesto those who do not have time to wait.

Fiber Sculptures

Size Height first statue - 2 feet,second statue -3 feet, third statue -4 Feet

Fiber Sculptures







Fiber & Concrete Sculptures

Fiber make statues Sculptures. Size can be varied according to requirement price may vary . Size 5 Feet





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